Friday, August 14, 2009


I'm back in the real world this week after an amazing vacation with my incredible family in one of the the most beautiful places I've ever been.



We are so incredibly fortunate so have a place to reunite every year that remains so unchanged.


At the lake, we all take turns cooking meals so this week has been a slow start getting back into the practice of making my own food every day- I was so spoiled having delicious meals prepared every day and not having to worry about anything other than overeating!

I finally worked up the courage to make my own pizza crust using this recipe. Miracle of all miracles, it worked! Parker and I made his and hers sides on the same large crust:


My side (on the left) was topped with a little pesto, fresh tomato slices, a sprinkle of goat cheese, and then I added fresh basil after it came out of the oven.

Parker's side (on the right) was topped with homemade tomato sauce (his own creation of diced tomatoes simmered with whole garlic cloves- so good!), fresh mozzarella cheese, and fresh tomato slices. He also added fresh basil after the pizza finished baking.

I took a note from the Mom Naan and pre-baked the crust until it just started to turn golden brown before adding the toppings. I think that helped the crust stay crunchier and allowed the dough to fully cook without overcooking the toppings.

Here was my plate (well, my first plate- I ended up eating this x 2!):


The dough made enough for two large pizzas so I refrigerated the rest to use the following night. I'm so thrilled that I finally had success making my own pizza dough and can't wait to try other toppings.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!


  1. that homemade pizza looks great! i just came across your blog and i love reading it! i just made my own, check it out!

  2. What a great picture of his and hers pizza! It's the perfect visual of how we modify the same thing to suit us and our husbands. :-) I certainly do it all the time.

    Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad you like it!