Thursday, November 5, 2009

Apple Oats

After squeezing apples for cider at a friend's house last month I had some beautiful apples that were begging to be used.


My dad with our friend Henry who was visiting from Oregon.


When the weather cools off a little I always crave oats, and I figured I could make the homemade version of the oatmeal packets with those skimpy little dried apples.

Voila! Apple Oats!


I followed the oatmeal directions on the package and added a chopped apple as the oats were cooking. I mixed cinnamon to tastse into the oats and sprinkled brown sugar on top. So delicious!


Definitely my new favorite fall breakfast! Based on Rhodey Girl's suggestion I made a big batch on the weekend and reheated them for breakfast during the week. It saved time in the morning and they were just as delicious reheated in the microwave with a little almond milk. Take that instant oats! ;)

Hope you're having a beautiful Thursday!

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  1. YUM! I love apples (obviously) so I need to try this! And how fun to make a big batch for use through the week