Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Food for Thought

Happy Tuesday! It's a gorgeous day here in Big Sky Country! What an amazing gift that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it was nearly 60 degrees today. As my grandpa always says about the weather, "You better like it because there's nothing you can do about it." I not only like days like these, I love them!

As batty as I think Oprah can be, she can be quite inspired and profound. So, from Miss O, here's a little food for thought on a Tuesday afternoon. Maybe even a little nourishment for the spirit (we all need some every now and then).

Apologies for being such a delinquent flogger (food blogger) lately. Times, they are a changin'. I've decided to go back to school and work on earning my masters degree in Public Relations. I'll be taking (mostly online) classes at the local university (hopefully) starting in January, 2010. I find that I thrive when things are busier and I'm in the midst of a challenge, and I think pursuing my masters will be a great opportunity to re-engage my brain in an academic setting and acquire a skill set that will work nicely with my career as a real estate broker and developer.

Sooo.... I spent a lot of time studying for the GRE. In the midst of that, my meal planning sort of went out the window. Now that the GRE is over (thank goodness- that exam is horrendous and designed exclusively for torture) I've settled into a lovely, though changed routine. Instead of planning a whole week, I buy a ton of produce on the weekend and plan each day according to what sounds satisfying and needs to be eaten. With the shift in priorities, this day to day approach is much less daunting. I've also relied upon tried and true recipes with a few updates rather than scouring through cookbooks on the weekends with the ambition of trying to create new meals multiple times a week. And I'm alright with that. Now that I eat less meat (almost none) and less dairy (though I still love cheese and yogurt, I sub nut milk and soy when possible) I find myself reinventing the meals that I've found reliable and comforting for years.

Things change, priorities shift, and a healthy lifestyle looks different for each individual and may even vary from month to month or week to week. Embrace the changes, find some stability, and keep taking care of yourself! Even though it requires a little extra effort, the return is well worth the additional time and consideration.

I promise I'll be back with new recipes and old favorites soon! Thanks for bearing with me during the transition. :)

Hope you're having a fantastic day!

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  1. I think that is wonderful that you are going back for your masters and hoooooray for the end of the GREs. Love that you cut back on the meat :)