Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TGI... T...

I am currently snacking on a larabar, polishing off a big bottle of water, thanking the good lord that it's a short week, and totally procrastinating at work (sorry, Dad!). I don't know if it's the heat, the time of year, or what feels like a desperate need for vaca (hooray I leave July 24th!) but my brain just feels a bit mushy today. And yesterday. Hmmm....

Bruce the rambunctious kitten burger decided to wake up at 5:30 and try to climb everything in the house. Twice. And then race around in circles for good measure. So the pup woke up, wanted to go out, and I couldn't fall back asleep. Boo. The good news was that I decided last night to head to the gym this morning so I was up bright and early to work up a sweat pre-office. Here is the part where I made a guilty admission: I have been a total exercise slacker lately. I was on such a great streak before the Chicago trip and then I came back and slugged out. I did purchase the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and I've been doing that twice a week from home. Holy Moly, there's a reason people on the Biggest Loser drop the lbs- that lady is a beast! But with the exception of the rediculously intense 20 minute workouts I've been lazy. I did, however, montitor my calorie intake more closely to offset the lack of burn. Fewer snacks and desserts = bummer. So back to the gym this morning I went. 30 mins on the elliptical isn't much, but I am getting back in the groove and we all have to start somewhere. Day one- check.

Breakfast this morning was low sugar Quaker maple and brown sugar oats with a tbsp pb and half a banana. In an ideal world, the oats would have been homemade, the sweetener would have been organic, and the pb would have been almond butter. But who am I kidding? I am not perfect and it least it wasn't a giant coffee and scone from the coffee shop down the street (yum cinnamon scones and white chocolate latte).

I've been a bit thrown this week since I had dinner with the beautiful Ms. Molly, her handsome husband and too cute for words bambino last night, and I am joining some lovely and amazing friends for a baby shower this evening. So no menu. Yet. I do need to restock on some healthy food before the weekend so I don't get takeout and DQ again (that was not me you saw doing those things last weekend).

I'm a work in progress and this is a day by day project to improve (let's be honest) the way I look, but far more importantly the way I feel. And I'm getting there. Sometimes it feels like an uphill battle when I read flogs (food blogs) about how amazingly healthy some folks are. Maybe I'll get there, eventually, but for now every healthy choice I make moves me in the right direction and for now that's good enough. There is lots of room to grow, learn, and improve, but I think it will continue to be a great adventure.

Day two, here I come...

Hope you are having a gorgeous Tuesday (and not melting if you're in MT!).

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