Monday, June 8, 2009

Home again, home again

Hi All!

We had such a fabulous time in Chicago and it was so amazing to see some great friends and spend time in the city. Not to mention all the amazing food we ate!
P has a day by day recap with lots of amazing photos on his blog:
He took some incredible photos that really capture the feel of the city and our super fun long weekend.

I am EXHAUSTED today but looking forward to a week of well rounded, healthy, fresh meals and getting back to my workout schedule. The healthy food will start tonight, but the workouts will have to wait until tomorrow since we're having dinner with family :)

Here's the meal plan for the week:

bf all week: Fiber One shredded wheat with lt vanilla soy milk
l: light veggie ginger wrap from rocket burrito with no crunchy noodles on a whole wheat tortilla (I ate 3/4 and gave the rest to P!)
d: Stir fry with rice (garlic, ginger, bell pepper, carrota, celery, onion, chicken, pineapple, and bamboo- I'll take photos tonight and post the recipe tomorrow)

l: leftover stir fry or pear/walnut/gorg flatbread
d: curried tofu w/rice noodles

l: leftover curried tofu or flatbread
d: Summber veggie tacos sans chicken (the tostada recipe from last week in taco form- they were so tasty and I have been craving them since- plus they make for great leftovers! If P is super hungry I'll make Vigo yellow rice with black beans as well. Here's a photo of the tostadas from last week:

l: leftovers (there should be lots by this point!)
d: three bean chili with cornbread

Friday we will likely go out for dinner to celebrate the big closing that happened on Friday :)

I put together a shopping list every week in spreadsheet form (yes, I am a little OCD and a huge dork- I think my mom literally laughed out loud when she saw it for the first time!) that has helped make grocery shopping a lot easier. If you'd like a copy let me know and I'm happy to email it your way.

My goals for this week are to cook without meat (with the exception of dinner tonight since we're having company) and to not drink until Friday. We had so much fun on the trip but my body feels like it needs a bit of a break and I feel like this will be a good way to de-tox!

Here are a couple photos from our trip:
The fountain at Millenium Park

The bean!

Hope you're having a great day!

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  1. Glad you had fun on your trip!! I admire how well you plan out all of your meals! I plan my dinners but am not so good about my breakfasts/lunches!